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Early Highlights of the Windows 11 24H2 Update

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March 22, 2024
Windows 11

As the calendar slowly turns toward the end of the year, anticipation grows for the release of Windows 12. Microsoft has ignited this anticipation by releasing an update to the Windows Insider Canary and Dev channels, both marked as "24H2". This designation signals the preparatory phase for what is poised to be a substantial update anticipated for release to all Windows users in the fall.

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26052 introduces several key features that enhance the functionality and user experience of the operating system. This article delves into these updates, providing insights into their implications for users and the broader technology landscape.

Introduction of Sudo for Windows

One of the standout features of this build is the introduction of Sudo for Windows. This new functionality allows users to execute commands with elevated privileges directly from a standard console session, without the need to open a new elevated console beforehand. This enhancement is not just about convenience; it represents a significant step towards streamlining administrative tasks and improving the overall efficiency of managing Windows systems. The project's open-source nature, with details shared on GitHub, further underscores Microsoft's commitment to community-driven development.

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Enhancements in Wireless Display Casting

The update also focuses on improving the Cast feature, which enables users to extend their display wirelessly to other PCs, TVs, or external displays. Enhancements include educational prompts about the Cast feature and suggestions for its use during multitasking activities. Additionally, the Cast flyout in Quick Settings has been updated to assist users in discovering nearby displays and troubleshooting connection issues. These improvements aim to make wireless display casting more intuitive and accessible for all users.

USB 80Gbps Support

The build introduces support for the latest USB standard, USB 80Gbps, marking a significant advancement in connectivity. This update doubles the previous bandwidth, facilitating next-generation high-performance displays, storage solutions, and broader connectivity options. Initially available on select devices with Intel's 14th Gen HX-series mobile processors, this feature exemplifies the ongoing push for higher performance and compatibility in computing technologies.

Updated Windows Setup Experience

Microsoft has revamped the Windows OS Media Setup with a modern design, aligning it with the current upgrade and installation experiences. This update maintains all the existing features of the clean OS installation process, including unattended support, while offering a more streamlined and visually cohesive setup experience. Users interested in exploring this refreshed setup can download the ISOs for Build 26040, highlighting Microsoft's focus on enhancing user interface and experience across the board.

Expansion of Voice Clarity

Previously available only on Surface devices, Voice Clarity is now accessible to a wider audience. This feature, powered by AI technology, improves online communication by canceling echo, suppressing background noise, and reducing reverberation in real-time. Voice Clarity requires no additional hardware and is compatible with x64 and Arm64 CPUs. It is enabled by default for applications using Communications Signal Processing Mode, enhancing the clarity and quality of online communications across various platforms.


The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26052 embodies Microsoft's dedication to innovation and user-centric development. From facilitating elevated command execution with Sudo for Windows to enhancing connectivity with USB 80Gbps support, each feature is designed to improve the functionality and user experience of the operating system. As these updates progress from the Insider Preview to broader release, they promise to further solidify Windows 11's position as a leading platform in the evolving landscape of technology.

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