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Managed Insight Transforms into Lumitiv

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May 4, 2023

CALGARY, Alberta, May 04, 2023 – In celebration of its 13th year in business, Managed Insight, a renowned IT solutions and support provider, is thrilled to unveil its new corporate identity. Now operating under the name Lumitiv, the company embraces a fresh chapter marked by innovation and growth.

This rebranding signifies Lumitiv’s ongoing evolution, ambition, and commitment to provide state-of-the-art IT services in line with the dynamic digital needs of modern businesses. The new name embodies the company’s dedication to illuminating complex IT challenges, guiding clients towards efficient solutions, and spearheading industry innovation.

As we transition into Lumitiv, we’re commemorating a major milestone in our journey,” shares Ty Burrows, CEO of Lumitiv. “The essence of Lumitiv, inspired by ‘illuminate’, resonates with our mission to deliver clear, tailor-made IT solutions that propel businesses towards enduring growth.”

Coinciding with the transformation, Lumitiv announces its renewed pledge to arm clients with cutting-edge cybersecurity products, a vital addition to their existing support contracts. Understanding the ever-shifting digital threat landscape, Lumitiv stands at the forefront, ensuring businesses are protected and well-equipped for the future.

By harnessing artificial intelligence, Lumitiv provides heightened defense against ransomware, malware, and viruses. These leading-edge technologies, offered at no extra cost to clients, emphasize the company’s stance that stringent cybersecurity is a non-negotiable component of any successful business continuity plan.

“The responsibility we bear to secure our clients’ sensitive data is paramount,” asserts Burrows. “The potent AI-based tools safeguarding our data are the same technologies we’re deploying for our clients. In matters of cybersecurity, we’re all on the same team.”

The new identity, marked by a refreshed logo and online presence, echoes Lumitiv’s mission and future-focused mindset. The organization’s core values, dedication to client success, and the team that forms its backbone remain steadfast.

Clients can be confident that the rebranding will not alter the services they’ve come to rely on. Lumitiv is committed to continuing, and even enhancing, the trusted IT solutions that have been their hallmark, now powered by renewed vigor and dedication to innovation. The rebirth as Lumitiv marks an exhilarating new phase for the company, its customers, and partners, as it continues to light the way towards optimal IT management and support.

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