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Reddit and The Unseen Battle Against AI Data Harvesting

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June 14, 2023

A tremor recently rippled through the digital world, originating from an unlikely epicenter – Reddit. Renowned for its candid discussions and niche communities, this social media giant now finds itself at the heart of controversy due to impending policy changes.

If you’ve wondered why your go-to subreddit is as unavailable, it’s not a bug. It’s a full-fledged rebellion. Many Reddit groups have turned private, protesting Reddit’s new policy on API access. But to grasp its significance, we must first decode what API access means.

The Application Programming Interface (API) forms the bedrock of software communication. It’s the unsung hero of your online activities, an invisible bridge enabling upvoting, commenting, subreddit browsing, and more on third-party apps. It’s also the backbone of accessibility features for the visually impaired and equips moderators with enhanced tools.

This essential digital facilitator was free until now. But as of July 1, it will come with a price tag.

The policy change presents a daunting hurdle: a usage-based pricing model that might break the bank for many third-party applications that add value to the Reddit experience. These include apps like Apollo, a clean and intuitive Reddit client designed to make browsing Reddit a delightful experience; Reddit is Fun, which mimics the look and feel of the Reddit website and offers robust functionality; and Sync, a highly customizable app that supports multiple accounts and offline syncing.

Apollo, renowned for its user-friendly design and comprehensive features, is one of the major players set to face a financial blow. Should this policy be enforced, Apollo’s annual costs could skyrocket to an astronomical $20 million. Despite the possibility of hiking subscription fees, Christian Selig, the brains behind Apollo, has deemed this looming expense “economically unfeasible.

And why this shift in stance? The underlying reason is believed to be the growing use of artificial intelligence models which exploit sites like Reddit to harvest data, feeding their language models. As these AI systems become increasingly sophisticated, they utilize the vast textual data available on platforms like Reddit to learn and mimic human-like text generation. With millions of diverse and complex posts, Reddit represents a veritable goldmine for AI training, and the new API pricing seems to be an attempt to control this process.

As a response, subreddits have staged a rebellion, leaving their digital homes vacant. The protest has wide-reaching implications, causing waves of confusion among Google users who find themselves locked out of these now-private communities.

The question on everyone’s lips is: How long will this digital stand-off last?

During this period of unrest, Lumitiv advises seeking out alternative social media networks for your information needs. The Reddit furore serves as a stark reminder: In our digital world, the winds of change are ever-present, and we must always be prepared to set sail.

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