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What is a Proxy Server?

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March 27, 2023

Should your business consider utilizing a proxy server? If boosting your cybersecurity measures, regulating traffic, and optimizing the online experience for clients and employees are on your agenda, a proxy server could be an advantageous move. This guide takes you through the essentials of proxy servers, covering benefits and troubleshooting tips.

What are Proxy Servers

A proxy server serves as an intermediary between a device and another server or network, thereby introducing an additional security layer to online requests. In a business setting, an employee’s request to access an online resource is initially routed to the proxy server. The proxy server evaluates this request and either provides the resource from its cache or forwards the request to the relevant server. In essence, the proxy server functions as an extra gateway between the user and the internet.

What Are Reverse Proxy Servers

A reverse proxy positions itself between a user’s device and one or multiple backend servers. Contrary to a standard (or forward) proxy server, used by a user to access online resources, a reverse proxy server manages inbound traffic and safeguards backend servers from direct exposure.

Reverse proxy servers prove beneficial for load balancing, SSL/TLS termination, content caching, and beyond. They also offer an extra layer of security by concealing the IP addresses of backend servers and shielding them against common web attacks such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Reasons to Use a Proxy Server

Proxy servers serve as conduits between your computer and the internet. Initially employed for swifter connections, they are now used for an array of reasons, particularly regarding cybersecurity. Here are five key benefits of using a proxy server:

  1. Elevated Security – A proxy server ensures that employees’ IP addresses remain undisclosed during web browsing. All transmitted and received information passes through the proxy server, creating a protective layer between your main server and potential hackers.
  2. Employee Internet Usage Management – Proxy servers can restrict employee access to unsecured websites that might infect their devices with malware. Some businesses opt to limit access to social media platforms or other non-work-related websites through their proxy server.
  3. Traffic Management – Proxy servers can aid in balancing your website traffic, preventing crashes and enhancing user experience. Instead of housing all your site data on a single server, a proxy disperses this load across several servers, enabling you to cater to a larger volume of requests.
  4. Overcoming Geographic Limitations – For organizations with globally distributed teams, proxy servers can bypass certain location-based restrictions, providing employees with seamless access to necessary websites.
  5. Speed – Proxy servers and VPNs are often conflated since both mask your IP address. However, proxy servers are generally considered more secure than VPNs, and due to the distributed nature of user requests, typically offer a faster experience.

Top Proxy Servers for Business Use

Proxy servers offer varying levels of control. Below is a list of the top proxy servers suitable for business use:

Securing Your Servers

Catering to the cybersecurity demands of a growing business can be demanding, especially with strained resources or limited expertise. However, without proper protection, your organization could be susceptible to cyberattacks, data breaches, and considerable business disruption. To understand efficient cybersecurity management strategies, reach out to Electric today.

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