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What is DNS Blocking?

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July 18, 2023

In our modern, hyper connected world, cybersecurity has swiftly transitioned from being a mere option to an undeniable necessity for every business, regardless of size. Among a plethora of defensive strategies at our disposal, one technique shines bright due to its unique advantages. DNS Blocking.

Let’s embark on an easy-to-understand journey to unravel this indispensable tool, and how it serves as a robust line of defense in your fight against cyber threats.

What is a DNS System?

You know how when you want to call your friend, you look up their name in your contacts instead of remembering their phone number? DNS is like that, but for computers.

Every website on the internet has a complicated address, like a phone number, called an IP address. DNS is like the contact list in a phone – it takes the website’s name like www.lumitiv.com and finds the correct address for it. That way, the computer can find and show you the website you want to visit without you having to remember all those tricky numbers!

How DNS Blocking Works: The Basics

At first glance, DNS Blocking might seem like just another piece of tech jargon. But if we delve a little deeper, it’s surprisingly straightforward.

Picture a tough bouncer standing at the entrance of a popular nightclub, the one who decides who gets to enter and who doesn’t. DNS Blocking plays a similar role for your internet browser. It acts as a gatekeeper, managing the in and out traffic, thereby forming a critical component in crafting a secure, well-protected digital environment for your business.

To simplify, DNS blocking, or Domain Name System blocking, is a strategy that blocks specific websites or IP addresses to prevent access to domains that may pose a threat. By blocking malicious or suspicious sites at the DNS level, it safeguards your network from potential threats and intrusions before they can cause any damage.

How DNS Blocking Thwarts Cyber Attacks

You may wonder how this metaphorical bouncer protects you from the dangerous elements of the digital world? Here’s how:

The process is fairly straightforward but highly effective. It revolves around preventing users from inadvertently accessing dangerous websites, a situation that can occur either by a simple mistake or through being deceived by a well-crafted phishing email that managed to bypass your email filter.

When an employee clicks a link or types a website into their browser, the DNS Blocking mechanism steps into action. If the requested website is part of a list of suspicious or known malicious sites, the DNS blocking tool will prevent the user’s computer from connecting to that website.

But DNS Blocking doesn’t stop at just blocking access. It takes security a step further by issuing a warning to the user when they attempt to enter personal information or passwords on websites that are not trusted by the organization. This measure significantly reduces the likelihood of sensitive information falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

So, not only does DNS Blocking act as a filter between the user and the internet, it also provides real-time feedback to the user, increasing awareness and promoting safe online habits within your organization. This dual approach is what makes DNS Blocking a crucial weapon in your cybersecurity arsenal.

Implementing DNS Blocking: Easier Than You Might Think

Perhaps you’re pondering how challenging it could be to integrate DNS Blocking into your business’s cybersecurity architecture. The good news is, the process is usually quite straightforward, often simpler than you might anticipate. In fact, the average setup time for a company of 100 people can generally be completed within a single business day.

So, how can you equip your digital fortress with this powerful tool?

The key lies in working in partnership with a proficient managed IT support provider. By collaborating with experts, DNS Blocking can be seamlessly embedded into your current cybersecurity strategy.

Despite appearing as a sophisticated technology, in reality, implementing DNS Blocking doesn’t have to be a complicated process. It typically necessitates no adjustments to your existing hardware and requires only minimal changes to your network configuration. A competent team of IT professionals can assist you in navigating the process, promising a smooth and hassle-free implementation.

By leveraging DNS Blocking, your business stands to reap numerous benefits. It goes beyond the peace of mind from knowing that your digital assets are well protected. By adopting tools like DNS Blocking, businesses can stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, ensuring that their operations run smoothly and securely.

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