IT Support for
Charity & Non-Profit

We go beyond traditional IT support. We partner with you, learn about your business, and deliver personalized technology solutions that fuel your success.
The non-profit and charity sectors are driven by passion, commitment, and the will to make a difference. At Lumitiv, we share these values and extend them into the realm of information technology. We understand that IT solutions must be reliable, secure, and, crucially, affordable. That’s why we’re here—to provide enterprise-grade IT support that fits your budget.

Deep Savings, Deeper Impact

We don’t just offer technology support; we actively seek opportunities to minimize your costs. By leveraging our relationships with vendors, we negotiate highly discounted rates on essential services, including internet, phone systems, and software and hardware solutions. This approach helps stretch your IT budget further, allowing you to focus more resources on your core mission.

Grant Assistance: Your Tech Ambitions Realized

Funding is often the biggest hurdle for non-profit organizations to overcome when considering technology upgrades. Lumitiv assists in identifying and applying for technology grants that can help you secure the funding necessary for equipment upgrades and new software. We don’t just help you dream big—we help you achieve big.
Group IT

Website Management: Efficiency Meets Cost-Effectiveness

Running a website can be a daunting and costly affair. That’s why Lumitiv offers website hosting and management services, helping reduce the financial and operational burden on your organization. Whether it’s ensuring optimal uptime or updating content, we’ve got your online presence covered.

Client and Donor Information: Safeguarded with Vigilance

Handling confidential client and donor information is a significant responsibility—one that requires utmost security. At Lumitiv, we prioritize the protection of this sensitive data, employing best-in-class cyber security tools. We go the extra mile to maintain the trust your clients and donors place in you.

Our Commitment: A World of Difference

Whether you need Managed IT Services for seamless operations, Business Continuity and Data Backup to protect your crucial data, or Cyber Security to shield against online threats, Lumitiv stands with you.

We also assist with the efficient use of Microsoft Office 365, to enhance your team’s productivity, and provide modern Business Telephony (VOIP), offering a range of professional telephone features while saving on long-distance costs.

Are you ready to elevate your IT operations and maximize your impact with Lumitiv’s tailored solutions? Let’s harness technology to create a better world, together.
How Can We Help?
Our team thrives on new challenges. If you have a project in mind or simply want to ask a question, we’d love to hear from you.
Lumitiv is an experienced Calgary based IT Support and Cyber Security provider with over 14 years on the job. We help simplify and guide businesses through the technical landscape.
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