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Business Internet Service

In the confusing landscape of internet providers, finding the perfect deal feels like a never-ending task. That's where we step in. Our experts tirelessly quote every major provider, including Telus, Shaw, Rogers, and Allstream, to bring you unbeatable prices tailored to your business needs.
We find a way, even when they cant

Break Free from Old Contracts
and High Prices

The internet isn't what it used to be, and neither should your service be. In a world where connection speeds are skyrocketing and prices are becoming more competitive, being stuck in an old contract can feel like a burden. You deserve the modern, agile connection that keeps pace with today's demands without breaking the bank.

Don't be held back by yesterday's contract; unlock the power of the modern internet with Lumitiv.
Collaborative Strength

Leveraging Direct and White Label Providers for the Best Options

Why limit yourself to a single provider when you can have them all? We actively quote every major provider including Telus, Shaw, Rogers, Allstream, and more. It's not just about finding a deal; it's about finding the perfect deal that fits your unique business needs. With us, the power of choice is in your hands.
Renew with Confidence

Contract Renewals for the Best Price and Performance

When contract renewal time comes around, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the options and potential pitfalls. That's why we step in to negotiate the best terms for you. With a focus on both price and performance, we ensure that your renewed contract aligns with your business goals.

Is fibre internet available in my area?

We can check with every major provider to find out!

I was told there No fibre to my building?

Not a problem! We've negotiated lower installation costs for many of our customers, often times reducing the fee to a fraction of the cost.

Can you bring in service for my tenants?

Absolutely! We've done peering setups for a number of buildings in Calgary, ranging from high-rise towers to industrial buildings.

What if I'm in a remote area and we have limited service

We have relationships with every major wireless provider in Western Canada and can work to find a solution for you.

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Lumitiv is your all-in-one IT department with over 15 years on the job. We help simplify and guide businesses through the technical landscape, turning complex tech into a powerful business asset.
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