Managed Web Hosting for Calgary Business

A fast WordPress website can help you sell more products, retain your site visitors, improve your search ranking, and boost you brand’s reputation. We connect you with the worlds leading providers to accelerate your online pressence.
Rocket.netAWSKinstaDigital OceanGoogle Cloud
Live Support - 24/7/365
Access to all major providers
Free Malware Protection
CloudFlare DNS Included
CloudFlare Enterprise CDN

Fully Managed Web Hosting
for a Competitive Edge

Experience a hosting tech stack built for the modern age that gives you the performance and control to take your website to the next level.

Having a robust and reliable web hosting solution is paramount for businesses of all sizes. That's where our managed web hosting service comes into play, offering a tailored approach that goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether you need a custom environment crafted to your exact specifications or prefer to leverage the proven platforms of our esteemed partners like Rocket, AWS, Kinsta, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud, we're here to find the right fit for your business.

Our focus is not just on providing hosting; we take on the responsibility of managing the infrastructure, dealing with third-party integrations, and ensuring that your websites are running at peak performance. Security is never an afterthought; we adhere to industry-standard best practices to protect your data and maintain the integrity of your online presence.

Lightning Fast

Decrease page load times and increase your reach through included Cloudflare Enterprise CDN services.

Easy to Use

Get best in class management console access to your hosting envoronment, putting you in in the drivers seat.

Security First

SSL Certificates and DDoS protection come standard in every environment, giving you peace of mind.

Massive Global Reach

Through our access to every major hosting provider, we can place your site in the region of your choice. Cloudflare Enterprise CDN does the rest to give you a massive global reach.

Security Included

We protect your site with enterprise-level security included into every platform. Enterprise DDoS protection, SSL certificates and scheduled backups built right in.

DDoS Protection

Elevate security and defend against ransomware attacks with our cutting-edge AI enabled endpoint protection platform.

Cloudflare DNS

Boost your site speed with CloudFlare's DNS service. Utilizing a global network, it enhances performance and protects privacy through a secure, optimized route.

Free SSL Certificates

Experience safe downloads and confident internet browsing. The ultimate protection against dangerous web based cyber threats.

Scheduled Site Backups

Our email filtering service blocks threats, securing your inbox from malware and spam empowering safe communication.
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