Technical Support

We go beyond traditional IT support. We partner with you, learn about your business, and deliver personalized technology solutions that fuel your success.

Microsoft Windows

Navigate Windows like a pro. Step-by-step guides and solutions for all versions. Simplify complex tasks and enhance your user experience.

Office 365

Master Office 365 with our expert guides. From setup to advanced features, unlock the full potential of your suite. Stay productive, stay ahead.


Tech insights for businesses. Stay updated on the latest trends, solutions, and best practices in the tech world to drive business growth.


Optimize your tech gear. Guides on the latest hardware trends, setups, and troubleshooting. Make informed choices, maximize performance.


Fortify your digital walls. Expert advice on best cybersecurity practices, tools, and tactics. Defend against threats and stay safe online.


Dive deep into macOS. Comprehensive articles, tips, and solutions tailored for Apple enthusiasts. From basics to pro-tips, we cover it all.


Master the world of IT networking. Essential guides on setup, optimization, and security. Ensure smooth connections and robust network infrastructure.

Windows Server

Navigate the landscape of Windows Server management. Comprehensive guides on installation, configuration, and maintenance. Ensure a seamless and efficient infrastructure with these essential Windows Server resources.


Explore the realm of Linux system administration. Vital guides on setup, customization, and security. Ensure versatile and resilient system performance with these essential Linux tools and techniques.
How Can We Help?
Our team thrives on new challenges. If you have a project in mind or simply want to ask a question, we’d love to hear from you.
Lumitiv is an experienced Calgary based IT Support and Cyber Security provider with over 14 years on the job. We help simplify and guide businesses through the technical landscape.
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