Partnering with 8x8 for Voice over IP Services

Unifying Communications, Empowering Businesses.
Poly is at the forefront of modern communication solutions, standing out in an increasingly competitive market with its sleek and innovative handset designs. The ergonomic and contemporary aesthetics of Poly handsets not only captivate users but also align with the functional needs of today's fast-paced business environments.

But what truly sets Poly apart from other brands is the unparalleled trust in the security of their hardware. In an age where information protection is paramount, Poly's commitment to robust, state-of-the-art security measures ensures peace of mind for individual and enterprise users alike. Their rigorous encryption protocols and compliance with international security standards position them as a leader in safe communication.

With a wide array of products ranging from headsets and conference phones to video conferencing solutions, Poly provides versatile and reliable options for every communication need. By balancing cutting-edge design with a rock-solid security foundation, Poly continues to build upon its reputation as a trusted name in communication technology. Choose Poly, and experience the next level of design elegance and security integrity that only they can offer.

Why we like 8x8.

  • Amazing voice quality.
  • Best in class mobile voip app
  • Incredibly fast number porting service.
  • Quick and easy deployments
  • Management is a breeze.

What we don't.

  • Customer facing support is poor
  • Lacks branding capability of handsets
  • Vanity Canada phone numbers limited

Best in class VOIP Service Provider

In a world that’s quickly adopting digital communications, 8×8 stands out as a trailblazer. This cloud communications leader is dedicated to transforming how businesses operate and connect, offering an array of unified communications services.

8×8’s technology is comprehensive, allowing companies to streamline their operations with a single cloud solution. From voice over IP (VoIP) and team messaging to video conferencing and contact center services, 8×8’s tools empower businesses to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, no matter their location.

More than just an ordinary VoIP provider, 8×8’s voice solutions are crystal clear and reliable, ensuring businesses can maintain smooth communication. Its video conferencing service is not only robust but user-friendly, promoting collaboration without the hassle.

8×8’s cloud-based contact center, meanwhile, truly puts the customer first. Equipped with advanced features such as intelligent routing, analytics, and customer engagement tools, it helps businesses provide stellar customer service.

To make all of this even more appealing, the 8×8 platform is easy to implement, with dedicated support available for seamless transition. With its robust suite of products, 8×8 is making the world of business communication less complicated and more productive. Through cloud communications, 8×8 is paving the way for a more connected, collaborative future.

8x8 Services

  • 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams: This product is a cloud-based telephony solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams. It provides enterprise-grade PSTN connectivity and enhances Microsoft Teams with advanced voice capabilities.
  • 8×8 Video Meetings: This service enables seamless video conferencing with features such as screen sharing, HD video, and secure meeting rooms. It is designed to work directly from a browser, with no downloads necessary, enhancing accessibility and ease of use.
  • 8×8 Cloud Contact Center: This is a unified contact center solution that brings together voice, chat, email, and social media communication channels. It also includes features for workforce optimization, customer journey analytics, and CRM integration.
  • 8×8 Team Messaging: This collaboration tool allows teams to create public and private chat rooms, share files, and integrate with other business applications. It’s designed to facilitate seamless and productive team communication.
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