Aruba Network Switches and Wireless Access Points

Networking solutions that keep up with the
burgeoning demands of increasingly mobile workplaces.
Aruba, a name owned by Hewlett Packard and the new brand for the esteemed ProCurve switches, has established itself as a leader in network switch technology. Building on the legacy of quality and performance that HP has been known for, Aruba has taken the ProCurve switches to new heights, aligning them with the demands of today's fast-paced and interconnected world.

The ProCurve switches, now under the Aruba brand, continue to be a game-changer for businesses seeking robust and reliable network solutions. The essence of what made ProCurve a preferred choice remains intact with Aruba, and even more so with enhancements that reflect the evolving needs of modern networking.

One standout feature that continues to resonate with businesses is the lifetime no questions asked warranty that accompanies Aruba's network switches. This unique warranty reflects a confidence in the product's durability and a commitment to customer satisfaction. It's not just a guarantee; it's a relationship that assures businesses they are investing in a product designed to last.

Aruba's switches aren't merely tools; they are integral components in a network architecture that demands seamless connectivity and unwavering performance. By inheriting the trust and quality associated with the HP name and infusing it with innovation, Aruba has positioned itself as a vital player in the network switch market.

With Aruba, you're not just investing in switches; you're embracing a legacy reimagined for today's challenges and opportunities. The synergy of HP's reputation and Aruba's forward-thinking approach makes these switches more than hardware; they are strategic assets that facilitate growth, efficiency, and security. In a world where connectivity is key, Aruba stands as a dependable partner, driving success through innovation and reliability.

Why we like Aruba.

  • Owned by HP
  • Enterprise grade networking
  • Great price point
  • World class support
  • Lifetime warranty

What we don't.

  • Inconsistent device replacement times
  • 10GbE becomes expensive
  • Difficult for end user to work with support

Aruba Enterprise Networking

An integral part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Aruba is a global leader in network access solutions for the mobile enterprise. Aruba designs and delivers mobility-defined networks that empower IT departments and #GenMobile, a new generation of tech-savvy users who rely on their mobile devices for their work and personal communication.

Aruba’s focus lies in crafting networking solutions that keep up with the burgeoning demands of increasingly mobile workplaces. The company has developed a range of products like high-performance Wi-Fi, identity-based security, remote networking, and multi-gigabit Ethernet switching, all designed to keep businesses moving at the pace of innovation.

One of the key offerings from Aruba is its secure, AI-powered wireless platforms. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Aruba’s solutions can predict issues before they happen, optimize network performance, and provide secure, seamless access for users.

Furthermore, Aruba’s solutions are also designed with IT departments in mind. Through cloud-native network management and operations, the company facilitates easy network setup and management, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than routine network maintenance.

In a nutshell, Aruba’s solutions are all about creating a seamless, secure, and scalable network environment that fosters productivity, enhances business operations, and accommodates the fast-paced nature of today’s mobile world.

Aruba Products

  • Wireless Access Points: These devices provide secure, high-speed wireless connectivity, with features like AI-powered RF optimization and flexible deployment options.

  • Network Switches: Aruba’s switches offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of security features. They’re designed to handle the demands of mobile and IoT devices.

  • Network Management Software: Aruba offers cloud-native tools to manage and optimize network operations, providing deep visibility and control over the network.

  • Network Security Solutions: Aruba’s security portfolio includes solutions for zero trust security, encryption, and network access control to ensure that only authenticated users and devices can access the network.

  • AI-Powered Analytics and Assurance: Aruba’s AI insights provide actionable guidance on how to optimize network performance and user experience.

  • Unified Infrastructure: Aruba provides a unified infrastructure that manages wired, wireless, and WAN from a single point, reducing the complexity and cost of network management.

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