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Poly for Business Phones

It’s about breaking down geographical barriers
and enhancing communication.
Poly is at the forefront of modern communication solutions, standing out in an increasingly competitive market with its sleek and innovative handset designs. The ergonomic and contemporary aesthetics of Poly handsets not only captivate users but also align with the functional needs of today's fast-paced business environments.

But what truly sets Poly apart from other brands is the unparalleled trust in the security of their hardware. In an age where information protection is paramount, Poly's commitment to robust, state-of-the-art security measures ensures peace of mind for individual and enterprise users alike. Their rigorous encryption protocols and compliance with international security standards position them as a leader in safe communication.

With a wide array of products ranging from headsets and conference phones to video conferencing solutions, Poly provides versatile and reliable options for every communication need. By balancing cutting-edge design with a rock-solid security foundation, Poly continues to build upon its reputation as a trusted name in communication technology. Choose Poly, and experience the next level of design elegance and security integrity that only they can offer.
Poly Edge Phone

Why we like Poly.

  • Great selection of modern handsets
  • High quality headsets that look great
  • Seamless integration to most VOIP Providers
  • Trusted hardware manufacturer we don't have to scrutinize

What we don't.

  • Long delays on hardware sourcing
  • Recent HP merger makes branding uncertain

Great Quality Handsets and Accessories

As a globally recognized player in the field of audio and video communication, Poly (formerly known as Plantronics and Polycom) stands at the forefront of transforming the way we connect and collaborate in our digital world. With a suite of high-quality products that ranges from headsets to video conferencing solutions, Poly’s mission is to empower meaningful human connection and collaboration, regardless of the distance.

Consider Poly’s audio solutions, for instance. Their headsets and speakerphones, renowned for their superior sound quality and innovative noise-cancelling technology, are designed with the modern, mobile professional in mind. Whether you’re on the go, working from home, or in the office, Poly ensures your voice is heard clearly and your conversations remain uninterrupted.

But Poly’s expertise extends far beyond audio. As pioneers in video conferencing technology, their solutions have reshaped the landscape of remote collaboration. With products like their Studio Series or the G7500 for immersive teleconferencing, Poly provides crystal-clear video and audio that bridges distances and brings teams together as if they’re in the same room.

Moreover, Poly’s Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams exemplifies their commitment to seamless collaboration. This range of solutions integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, providing an intuitive and consistent user experience, making virtual meetings as natural and productive as face-to-face ones.

What truly distinguishes Poly, though, is their understanding of the evolving needs of modern workspaces. As work dynamics shift towards increased flexibility and remote collaboration, Poly continues to innovate, developing smart, intuitive solutions that address these changes.

In essence, Poly is not just about creating technology. It’s about breaking down geographical barriers, enhancing communication, and cultivating a more connected and collaborative world. Whether you’re a business seeking seamless remote collaboration solutions or an individual in need of superior audio equipment, Poly delivers with excellence and innovation.

Poly Products

  • Poly Desk Phones: These versatile devices offer clear audio for business calls, and some models also support video conferencing.
  • Headsets: This series is known for its superior sound quality, advanced noise-cancelling features, and wireless connectivity, making it ideal for office use and remote work.
  • Poly Room Solutions for Microsoft Teams: These are fully integrated solutions that combine audio, video, and content sharing with the seamless user experience of Microsoft Teams.
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