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We believe in simple, straightforward pricing. That's why we don't hide it.

We Keep It Simple

In a landscape often marred by hidden costs, complex pricing structures, and baffling jargon, we stand as a beacon of simplicity. We believe in a candid approach, a business ethos that favors transparency over convoluted sales tactics.

We understand that you’re in the market for straightforward solutions, not a drawn-out and tiresome marathon of consultations, add-ons, and escalating costs.

Need a custom quote?

Reach out and we can custom tailor a solution that's right fit for you.
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Support Type



Designed for small business and startups that need the essential tools to keep their business going, but don't need a support team to handle a lot of issues.


Designed for businesses that only need remote support and have onsite staff that can handle the day to day hands on work.


We act as your full in-house IT department handling everything from remote support to onsite service needs.

Physical Locations
How many office locations do you need help at? We'll manage your wireless networks, switches and firewalls.


The number of servers you use in your business. These include cloud systems, backup, storage arrays etc.


How many desktops and laptops do the users at your organization have?

How Can We Help?
Our team thrives on new challenges. If you have a project in mind or simply want to ask a question, we’d love to hear from you.
Lumitiv is an experienced Calgary based IT Support and Managed Service provider with over 13 years on the job. We help simplify and guide businesses through the technical landscape.
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