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Choosing Lumitiv for your managed IT services means choosing a dedicated, customer-focused partner that’s committed to your success. We understand your needs, we share your vision, and we have the expertise and dedication to make it a reality.

Enterprise IT Support
For Everyone

Our services are not just flexible—they’re scalable. Designed to grow in sync with your business, we adjust our support levels to match your current needs, ensuring you always receive the right amount of assistance at each stage of your journey.

Fast Service Response Times

Every minute counts in business, and downtime is not an option. With Lumitiv, you can rest easy knowing our quick-response team is always ready to neutralize threats and ensure your operations remain uninterrupted.

Dependable Backup Solutions

We believe in robust data security. Our daily backup solutions and cloud services keep your files safe and accessible anytime, anywhere. With Lumitiv, your business is always up and running.

Email & Endpoint Security Included

In the digital world, threats like phishing, spam, and viruses are always lurking. Our experts are constantly working on spam filtering, data encryption, and attachment scanning to keep your network secure.

Business Continuity

We ensure your business stays in the game, even in the face of hardware or network failures. We build future-ready strategies that keep your core profitability functions running, no matter what.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services refers to the full outsourcing of your company’s technology management and support to us, your dedicated third-party provider. Our focus? Ensuring your IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, devices, and cloud environments, function seamlessly and securely. We take on the task of monitoring, maintaining, and actively resolving any IT issues, so you don’t have to.

Our managed IT services are all about proactivity. We don’t wait for problems to occur; we work tirelessly to prevent them, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Our solution is tailored to your specific needs and includes network monitoring and management, IT help desk support, security and compliance measures, data backup and disaster recovery, software and hardware management, and optimizing cloud services.

Do You Need Managed Services?

IT managers today face the daunting task of meeting business performance, operational expectations, and security needs, all the while trying to keep costs down. Financial experts suggest in such conditions to switch to a predictable cost model, like that of a managed service.

Often, your existing staff may not be experienced with a new technology or capable of maintaining new services or applications. Hiring contractors could be a solution, but given a static or declining budget, this could be more costly and offer less value in supporting your company’s ever-growing performance goals. This is often true for small, medium, and large companies alike.

Managed Service models have evolved over time, and the experienced providers have fine-tuned their delivery. It’s a highly effective solution for businesses that:

- Depend on their IT infrastructure to support daily business processes
- Lack sufficiently trained staff or time to manage proper maintenance, updates, and repairs
- Want to pay a monthly, flat fee for services to provide a high level of service quality to the business
- Are looking for more advanced cyber security solutions

Managed IT Services in Calgary

When it comes to selecting a partner for managed IT services in Calgary, the choice goes beyond just technical capabilities. It’s about choosing a partner that comprehends your business, your needs, and your vision for growth. Lumitiv is that partner, bringing a combination of extensive technology expertise, a customer-focused approach, and a commitment to innovation.

With Lumitiv, you’re not just hiring a service provider; you’re gaining a long-term ally in your business journey. Our primary objective is your success. We regard your growth as our growth, and your challenges as our own. This integrated approach allows us to deliver services that are not only aligned with your immediate needs but are also designed to foster sustainable, long-term growth.

One of the key aspects that sets us apart is our relentless focus on customer service. We understand that every interaction matters and, as such, we strive to provide fast, efficient, and responsive service at all times. Whether it’s a simple query or an intricate technical challenge, our team is always prepared to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

Our managed IT services bring significant cost benefits and operational advantages. By entrusting your IT needs to Lumitiv, you eliminate the need for costly in-house IT departments, freeing up resources that can be directed towards your core business activities. Our services are flexible and scalable, designed to grow with your business, ensuring that you always have the right level of support at each stage of your growth trajectory.

The Advantages of Managed Services

Cost Control
Cost factors for a business service depend on an organization’s requirement for availability and criticality of a particular service.

The standard cost components of an IT department, including training, equipment, and personnel, are absorbed by the MSP and presented as a fixed monthly charge to the company. This aids in effectively predicting costs every month when budgeting. Depending on future requirements and the pace of your organization’s IT maturity, the managed service can scale to address such scenarios.

The most significant advantage is that a company can decide how much to scale based on factors that may include finance and the CIO’s strategic vision. IT Service interruptions and outages can also be prevented, thus mitigating the risk of further losses. For instance, one of my clients, an energy company, went from multiple daily outages to one scheduled outage a month.
Future-proofing IT Services
IT departments invariably face funding, technical, security, and operational challenges. I’ve seen many organizations effectively utilize managed services to achieve seamless service integration with fewer worries over resource constraints.

MSPs keep their staff trained on upcoming releases and new technologies, with the ability to lock-in costs for a multi-year period. By creating more predictability, your business reduces operational risk and challenges and minimizes service disruption.
Risk Management
Every business carries a certain amount of risk. This can be minimized by lowering the individual risk involved with each critical business service. A MSP can help reduce risk by contributing their proprietary methodologies and access to modern infrastructure and software. This enables adherence to best practices and minimizes risk involved in service delivery.

The MSP assumes and manages much of the risk for the company it serves by having specific industry knowledge, especially around security and compliance issues, and partnering with your business to guide you on the best way to avoid risk in your areas of expertise.
High Availability, Efficiency & Productivity
For an IT Service, the saying “time is money” always applies. For optimal company performance, constant availability of mission-critical IT services are the top priority for many organizations.

Clients experience better performance with minimal downtime when using a managed service. Many times, mission-critical applications involve multiple technologies and require them to be fully operational and integrated to achieve the expected IT service. All component applications must be available together for the IT service to function seamlessly for internal end-users. A MSP can ensure maximum uptime and minimal service interruptions.
Lumitiv is your all-in-one IT department with over 15 years on the job. We help simplify and guide businesses through the technical landscape, turning complex tech into a powerful business asset.
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